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At Neurosportzone in Willowbrook, IL, we believe sports performance is largely a mental game. Neurosportzone is a center for brain fitness that focuses on brain science to create better athletes. Mental coaching helps boost confidence, enhance concentration and focus, and improve visual motor reaction and timing to develop stronger athletes. Dr. Demetrios Patos is a highly experienced board-certified chiropractor with numerous certifications as a sports team physician, health coach, sports-specific trainer, and injury prevention specialist.  Dr. Patos now works in the field of neuroscience as a sports performance consultant to enhance and maximize athletic performance.

What is Mental Game Coaching? 

Mental coaching is a skillset training technique used by elite athletes worldwide, including professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and FIFA. Mental coaching is also used by the US Olympic and National teams, collegiate athletic departments, and elite professional athletes playing on the PGA. So what is mental coaching, and how is it effective?

Mental coaching builds effective and essential mental techniques to maximize performance in training and during games. These mental skills strategies can include mental focusing, relaxation, imagery, goal setting, overcoming adversity, building self-confidence through positive self-talk, and emotional management. These skills improve training sessions and have numerous benefits for amateur, emerging, and professional athletes alike. The benefits of mental coaching include:

  • Improved consistency and performance
  • Emotional regulation, including the ability to tolerate frustration and adversity
  • The ability to manage stress in a healthy and productive manner
  • Enhanced concentration, drive, and motivation
  • Ability to focus in high-pressure situations

These skills are known as transferable skills or “transfer of knowledge” and can be highly effective when used to improve academic performance as well as work productivity. Neurosportzone in Willowbrook, IL, is a unique sports facility that helps create high-achieving athletes and strong, confident, and successful individuals. Dr. Patos has decades of experience working with amateur and pro athletes, including successfully owning and operating the Alpha Rehabilitation and Medical Center for 27 years. 

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