"To be honest, the last time my son faced that same pitcher he was 0-3 with two strikeouts looking.   Since training he had three good at bats!  Huge huge difference from just two months ago!!!!!!  He is the only junior that starts and plays at his high school and we couldn't be happier with how far he's come!  I can't wait to get our younger son started!!!!"

- Corrine J.

"When the offer came for "brain training", his coaches believed this could only be another step to making Charles the best player he could become.  Charlie started the training and noticed his school work also improved! It is amazing what new opportunities are available for baseball players!!

Thanks Dr. Patos for providing this great addition to fitness training!!"

- Amanda H-W

Quotes from Professional Athletes

“I've developed a more consistent, smoother swing, and I'm able to focus better on tough shots.”
- Pro Golf Player

“I've raised my level of focus, concentration and physical coordination to a whole new level that I never thought possible.” 
- Pro Lacrosse Player

“I am thinking quicker and reacting a lot faster as a result.”
- NBA Player

“I'm better at leaving outside distractions; focusing on the moment (the play) and separating from anything else.  The focus I have has intensified.”
 - NFL Player)

Student/Athletes Reported Multiple Benefits from Training

"I have been able to concentrate more at looking the ball into my hands."

"My ability on defense to read routes and offensive formations and react to plays has improved greatly.”

"My reading concentration has improved and I now read much faster. “

"I feel my body is more in sync with my mind and it reacts better than prior to training." 

"I am in the right place at the right time. “

"I feel I get less mentally tired at practice since we started training. “

"I tend to have a better time of zoning out all that is around me aside from the task at hand.”

"I can adjust to a defense better, especially reading the blitz and calling audibles." 

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