Baseball Brain Timing


Training Focus will include skills to:
✔ Increase the ability to concentrate & focus for longer periods of time.
✔ Increase ability to avoid & block out distractions.
✔ Improve rhythm, timing, coordination & balance.
✔ Fine tune motor planning & sequencing & decision making.

Neurosportzone Training will impact performance in the following ways:
✔ Bat more consistently.
✔ Sharpen pitch location.
✔ See location, motion, rotation of ball.
✔ Speed of processing visual information.
✔ Shorter swing, allowing them more time to see the ball and make better decisions.
✔ Reaction time.
✔ Know when to swing.
✔ Enhance pitch recognition.
✔ Increase the velocity off the bat.
✔ Improve timing, balance and confidence.
✔ React more quickly to infield plays.
✔ Develop visual confidence at the plate.

Training the hitter to produce:
✔ Sensorimotor synchronization that impacts cognitive processing, behavior & motor skill.
✔ Automaticity - integrates all of the distinct technical aspects of the baseball swing into smooth, seamless execution without “thinking” or “trying.”
✔ Faster processing of a pitch, more consistent and accurate execution at the plate.
✔ Improvement of synchronization between brain and body, but also between separate joints and segments of the body so that cognitive, sensory & motor skills are in total sync for peak performance.

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✔ Improve focus and fine motor skills coordination.

✔ Improve sustained attention cognitive effort.

 ✔ Work on specific skills related to athletic goals along with Neurosportzone for example specific cognitive and motor skills related sports performance.

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