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In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough for an athlete to be physically strong.  For an athlete to compete to the height of their potential and achieve true athletic success, an athlete needs mental strength.

Mental strength is gained by conditioning the mind through a regimen referred to as mental skills training                                      

Research indicates that elite athletes engage in mental training at a significantly higher rate than non-elite athletes, including: goal setting, self-confidence, positive self-talk, commitment, motivation, stress reactions, relaxation, fear control, emotional management, focusing, refocusing, imagery, competition planning and mental practice.  

It is impossible to separate the body from the mind.  The mind affects the body and vice versa.  

Mental skills give you a decisive edge over your competition.  Mental Game Coaching teaches you to process your circumstances and respond in an optimal fashion.  When you mentally respond more effectively, especially under competitive pressure, you allow your body to perform the way you trained it to perform… That is the road to athletic success. 

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