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Your golf game starts with a solid foundation. Poor foot function affects your balance, increases your chances for injury and hurts your score. The Orthotic Group can evaluate your foot function and analyze your golf shoe. We assess and suggest proper shoes and prescribe custom made orthotics to improve your foot function and stabilize your foundation for a more consistent swing.

✔ Flexible custom orthotics have been associated with increased club head velocity.
✔ Studies suggest that flexible orthotics positively influence golfers' balance and proprioception.
✔ 46.2% of golfers reported sustaining an injury during the golf swing. The swing accounts for nearly 60% of the golfer's game, and puts significant stress on the lower body.
✔ Flexible customized foot orthotics have been associated with a positive influence on pain and fatigue in golfers.

Benefits Of The Eagle Custom Made Orthotic

✔ Increase swing speed & gain an extra 10-30 extra yards off the tee.
✔ Left foot and the right foot designed independently of each other.
✔ Stable base more accuracy.
✔ Walk the course and enjoy the view.
✔ Not over-the-counter (OTC).
✔ Created specifically for golfers by medical experts.
✔ Stop common swing faults like swaying and reverse pivot.
✔ Fits in the shoe to reduce slippage during downswing & ball impact.
✔ Comfort - orthotics are low profile and flexible.
✔ Keeps you from sliding and swaying during the backswing so you make acorrect turn.
✔ Validated by science.
✔ Significantly improved balance - a key to a consistent swing.
✔ When foot is controlled helps at preventing injury and increasing performance.
✔ Used by the PGA, MLB, NBA, NFL and Olympians.
✔ Calibrated to your weight and foot flexibility.

"Golf shoes have inadequate support on the inside. That's why the insole of most shoes slides right out, making it easy to replace with an orthotic insert."

Play Better With Golf Orthotic Science.
Better Swings From The Ground Up!

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What Is Involved?

STEP 1: A bio-mechanical assessment will be performed while you are standing and walking. This allows for an overview of the alignment, movement, and muscle function of the lower limbs.

STEP 2: GAITSCAN COMPUTERIZED ANALYSIS: The state of the art force plate accurately detects abnormal foot function. OVER ONE MILLION data points are collected. Data provides insight into the unique timing and pressure of your gait (walk) that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and will indicate whether you will benefit from custom made orthotics.

 ✔ STEP 3: Your custom orthotic based on your foot faults data points will be sent to our skilled team of technicians which will manufacture a pair of orthotics to meet your particular sport needs.

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