Golf Brain Timing

img Jack Nicklaus Said the Golf Swing was about...“Rhythm, Balance, Timing.”
Timing in golf is everything.

Golf digest referred to brain timing training is “the hottest piece of work out equipment on the PGA tour.” Golf timing is one of the essential attributes that golfers need for optimal swing performance and golf shot accuracy.

Training Focus will include skills to:
✔ Increase the ability to concentrate & focus for longer periods of time.
✔ Increase ability to avoid & block out distractions.
✔ Improve rhythm, timing, coordination & balance.
✔ Fine tune motor planning & sequencing & decision making.

Training will impact golfer’s performance in the following ways:
✔ Strike the golf ball more consistently.
✔ Increased club head speed.
✔ Minimize the time & confusion it takes to ingrain the swing.
✔ Improved timing, balance and confidence.
✔ Improved accuracy.
✔ Greater distance.
✔ Lower scores and just have fun.

Training golfer’s to produce:
✔ Sensorimotor synchronization that impacts cognitive processing, behavior & motor skill.
✔ Automaticity - integrates all of the distinct technical aspects of the golf swing into smooth, seamless execution without “thinking” or “trying.”
✔ More consistent and accurate execution of the golf swing.
✔ Improvement of synchronization between brain and body, separate joints and segments of the body so that cognitive, sensory & motor skills are in total sync for peak performance.

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✔ Improve focus and fine motor skills coordination.

✔ Improve sustained attention cognitive effort.

 ✔ Work on specific skills related to athletic goals along with Neurosportzone for example specific cognitive and motor skills related sports performance.

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