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Baseball player running around the basesThe Baseball Equipment You Didn't Know You Need (Until Now)

On the diamond you play hard to win, the pitcher needs to be stable, the baseline players need fast reactions with relatively small movements and the hitter requires a fast reaction to start running and the ability to slide correctly.

Baseball requires instant changes in direction, frequent acceleration, and abrupt stops. Your feet and ankles are heavily weighted, usually in a rotated position. You've invested in high quality technical shoes. Now imagine an orthotic that can make you run faster, be more balanced and change directions quicker. Your muscles are engaged, transferring energy down the lower limbs. It's up to your feet to grip the field.

Agility, movement, speed is all about your feet being biomechanically balanced. While quick and stable feet create positive outcomes, a foot that is unstable sway from side to side.

Optimizing that interface between your foot, the shoe and the field is The Orthotic Group's contribution to enhanced baseball performance. With prescription custom foot orthotics for baseball, you can grip the field with stability and healthy support to prevent injuries, and maximize energy transfer for best performance.

"Baseball cleats have inadequate support on the inside. That's why the insole of most shoes slides right out, making it easy to replace with an orthotic insert." 

Play Better With Baseball Orthotic Science.
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What Is Involved?

STEP 1: A bio-mechanical assessment will be performed while you are standing and walking. This allows for an overview of the alignment, movement, and muscle function of the lower limbs.

STEP 2: GAITSCAN COMPUTERIZED ANALYSIS: The state of the art force plate accurately detects abnormal foot function. OVER ONE MILLION data points are collected. Data provides insight into the unique timing and pressure of your gait (walk) that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and will indicate whether you will benefit from custom made orthotics.

 ✔ STEP 3: Your custom orthotic based on your foot faults data points will be sent to our skilled team of technicians which will manufacture a pair of orthotics to meet your particular sport needs.

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