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Brain Timing Training


Reduction of errors

Timing (tempo & rhythm)

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Performance goalsWho is this program for?

Hockey Athlete brain timingNeuroSportZone Brain Timing Training program is for athletes who are striving for excellence in their sport. Bringing their brain clock to a superior level to optimize athletic performance.

baseball athlete brain timingNeuroSportsZone……… dedicated to an athletes’ long-term understanding of how best to perform to their potential. Skills such as rhythm, timing, tempo which can not be taught by any mechanical drill.

Timing is what coordinates all of the cells to work together as one unit and gives the human brain all of its tremendous powers and ability.

TIMING skills are the same as physical skills in that they can be taught, learned and practiced. Performance can be radically improved by employing Brain Timing skills training.

We offer a uniquely individualized approach to achieving elite excellence.
Timing for Peak Performance in SPORTS


What is Brain Timing Training?

BrainTiming Training is a patented noninvasive training tool that improves synchronization in the brain resulting in a greater neural effect.

It is an Assessment & Training Tool – Evidence based- Objective -Flexible - Engaging

Brain Timing is the most powerful form of brain training available.

Brain Timing is a completely different form of brain training because it involves both motor and sensory integration. (Only piece of equipment that does both)

It achieves a level of brain plasticity in a much deeper more powerful way than any other brain training device.

Brain Timing Training can be compared to physical fitness training such as muscle strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular exercises, except it’s focused on brain fitness.

It’s like taking athletes who only have skills and strategy training and getting them super fit so they can execute what they have learned: At a higher level • Faster • More consistently

Brain Timing is a real physical tool that you use. There is no skill to learn - no learning curve.

You just train and get the results much like using gym equipment to get fit and strong. Except what you get is real brain fitness an increase in neural pathways!

We can train your brain to fire at a superior level.
It’s Natural and Effective.

Do you know where your internal brain clock is set?

New Bioscience to Improve High Level of Performance

Performance goalsHow does it work?

Neurosportzone training challenges thinking and movement simultaneously, providing real-time millisecond feedback to help synchronize the body’s “internal clock.” By allowing for more efficient communication between the brain's functional networks.
Neurosportzone training allows your brain to send signals to your muscles faster. It helps your brain process stimuli ( a pitched ball) at a faster rate. By facilitating the transmission of information among the brain's various thought centers, it also helps users make decisions faster. Developing and strengthening the critical timing and rhythm in the brain's functional networks helps to improve neural efficiency and communication.

Athletes are instructed to synchronize various hand and foot exercises to a reference tone heard through headphones. The athlete attempts to match hand clapping while wearing a glove with palm trigger. A patented audio or audio and visual guidance system provides immediate feedback. The difference between the patient’s performance and the computer generated beat is measured in milliseconds. The score provided indicates timing accuracy. A low millisecond (ms) score indicates improved timing and overall performance.

Using the analogy of a musical instrument, every musician knows that if their instrument is out of tune, then no matter how brilliant a musician they are, their music will sound bad.
Our brains are the same, if they are out of tune then every aspect of your experiences and abilities are compromised… you’re just not operating at your best.

Neuroscience research has discovered many patterns of brain timing associated with peak performance and poor timing correlated with specific issues like: ADHD • Learning disorders • Lack of focus and attention, Anxiety.

Limited number of consultations & assessments are available

Who is currently using this Training?

Training has been used by members of the following PGA, NBA, NFL, US Clay Target Academy (USCTA) and NHL teams:

There are others that use it but do not disclose their use of it as it gives them an advantage and they don’t want to share their trade secrets for training and peak performance!!

Get The Edge "TIMING" The Secret to High Level Performance Free 50 minute Consultation & Assessment

Performance goalsTHE SCIENCE What does it do?

neurosportzone the science

Improved Brain Clock & Temporal Processing

Improved Brain Network and Communication & Synchronization

Improves the brain’s efficiency and performance

IM effect

Limited number of consultations & assessments are available

Resulting in functional improvements in...

Auditory/Visual Processing

Working Memory

Processing Speed

Executive Functions

Motor Coordination

Sensory Processing

Train Your Sports Brain
Brain Better, Play Better

Performance goalsSkill vs. Execution

Whenever athletes make a mistake on the field, is it because they lack a particular skill or because they face difficulty in executing a skill?

On-the-field mistakes always become apparent to the players, coaches, and avid fans. Such mistakes can often cost a team a win. The question here is what can be done to reduce such mistakes, as well as to improve the precision and performance on field?

Skills are acquired through years of training and regular practice. With enough repetitions, an athlete can master a particular skill-set. This is because the skills become a part of your brain function (like a program for a computer). Every time you step outside on the field, you simply need to run this skills program from your brain.

If an athlete continues to make the same mistake on-field over and over again, it is the area where the Executive Functioning lies with the “skills program”

However, if athletes continue to make continuous mistakes across a number of skills, the trouble lies in the executive functioning (skills execution function within the brain). The solution, the internal brain clock would need to be fine-tuned.

Executive Function

An Insight to Skills Program
An athlete learns a particular skill (or acquires a specific skill-set) by repeating a number of strategies and techniques over and over again. As the brain registers that a particular activity is being repeated several times, it develops a pattern and builds circuits to facilitate the execution of such actions. This phenomenon is also known as the Learning Curve (achieving specialization through repetitions).

The higher the number of repetitions for a particular task, the easily the brain learns and the better it responds. The end result is the development of a complex stock of knowledge within the brain for a particular skill. This is called a “Skill Program.” These programs are the resources that are successfully executed, as and when required.

How are Skill Programs Executed?
Within the brain, there is an executive function. The purpose of this function is to execute skill programs, as and when needed. It does not matter what type of skills you have. If your skills are needed for a particular condition or situation, your executive function will help you execute such skills and put them to practice.

Executive Function and Mistakes On-the-Field
Some of the most common problems and mistakes on the field are caused by a momentarily lapse of the executive function within the brain. These mistakes include, but are not limited to:

An athlete missing out on a catch

An athlete missing out on an assignment

A normally functioning athlete missing out a free-throw

A normally functioning athlete failing to deliver and messing up a game

Get The Edge "TIMING" The Secret to High Level Performance Free 50 minute Consultation & Assessment

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brain timing

Execution, Precision & “Brain Lapses”

No matter how skilled, talented, and successful they are, all athletes suffer from periodic “brain lapses” which adversely affects their precision, accuracy and on-field performance.

Reducing these glitches is the only way to move forward and improve your overall athletic performance.

The 4 Keys to Precision and Execution

Sport-Centered Skills Coaching: By repeating skills, your skill program develops and strengthens and is continually reinforced in your brain to be able to execute the skills

Strength-Building: These exercises involve physical conditioning. It is necessary so that your body can develop all the necessary resources it needs to be able to execute skills

Mentoring: Psychological and mental coaching plays a vital role in motivating an athlete and instilling all positive thoughts and emotions which are necessary to execute athletic skills

Executive Functioning: The human brain has an executive function that can initiate, execute, and sustain the skills (or skill-set) from the skill program. Keeping this part of the brain well-functioning ensures precision and accuracy when executing a particular skill

Every athletic skill you have acquired over the years is the result of years of practicing and repeating the task over and over again, till you achieve perfection. These skills now run in your brain the way a program or operating system runs inside a computer.

This “skill program” spreads over the Sensory Cortex and the Motor Cortex regions of your brain. Whenever the external environment or conditions are right (e.g. in the middle of an intense match), your brain’s executive function executes the necessary skills you need to level the game.

Vital for Athletes

How Does NeuroSportZone Training Benefit Athletes?

How Athletes benefit from neurosportzone training


Limited number of consultations & assessments are available

Performance goalsThe Executive Function

The Executive Function of the Brain
Within the human brain, a certain region is known as the “Executive Function.” The purpose of this function is to analyze the external environment and determine the time when the “conditions are just right to execute a particular skill, from the appropriate skill program.”The brain function then monitors the execution of that skill, at every stage of your game.

How does the Executive Function work?
Your brain has a specific skill program, build by years of training and perfecting a particular skill (or a skill-set). Each step within your skill program has a pre-set (or built-in) clock that monitors it. The Executive Function works as the five-star general the control center for the brain and the individual skills programs.

Before and during a game, it is necessary to ensure that your Executive Function works properly. If this internal master brain clock is not functioning properly, your skill execution will be affected and you may not be able to deliver your 100% in the game or the practice session.

Basal Ganglia brain timingBasal Ganglia involved in controlled executive attention (McNab & Klingberg, 2008)

Cingulate gyrus brain timingCingulate Gyrus responsible for executive, evaluative, cognitive, & emotional functioning (Bush et al, 2000)

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